5 Unique Gadgets You Must Have

In This Modernization, technology plays an important role which makes people’s life easier than what it is. Technology has advanced in such a manner that from top to bottom to right to left of the human body there are many unique gadgets available in the market which make it easy for humans in various ways. In general, it also makes our regular work easier which can be basic to advanced. Bridging the gap between the possible and the profitable in socially beneficial applications of technology is critical, and it’s an important effort that requires the attention of the technology community. One aspect of Gadgets technology that has had a great impact on society is how it affects learning. Innovation in technology not only keeps us connected but can help us live safer and healthier lives. I have put together some unique gadgets which will make you amaze.

1. Xiaomi Mi air charge

Xiaomi launches the Mi Air Charge, a new wireless charging tech as its proprietary technology. As its name suggests, Mi Air Charge is designed to let users remotely charge their electronic devices including smartphones without any cables, pads, or wireless charging stands. It has Mi Air Charge technology, it uses 144 micro-antennae to transfer energy to your phone via a narrow wave beam. According to Xiaomi’s demo, you would be able to walk into a room and your phone would start charging, even if an object was in the way. Eventually, Xiaomi says it could be used to charge multiple devices at once in the room it’s sat in. It’s interesting to see innovations like this and would be excited for the future of wireless charging technology.

2.Oral-B iO Electic Toothbrush

Approved by the American Dental Association for plaque removal and gingivitis prevention, the Oral-B iO delivers a cleaning performance, unlike any other brush. New iO Magnetic technology combines micro-vibrating bristles with Oral-B’s, dentist-inspired round brush head for a professional-clean feeling that lasts all day. This toothbrush is crammed with an almost implausible amount of tech. Sensors inside will track the brush’s movement as you clean your teeth and map out areas you’ve missed. The new, compact Magnetic Charger has click-in-place stability and provides 3-hour quick charge. Eventually, this is the best-sensored toothbrush available in the technological array.




3.Theragun Prime massage gun

Proprietary brushless motor delivers powerful deep muscle treatment quieter than the average massage device. Rather than having to fork out on physiotherapy, massage guns are like having a private masseur on hand for a quick post-workout session Theragun is the one such gadget. It looks like a cross between a weapon and a power tool (and actually when you switch it on you could be forgiven for thinking it’s both) but in reality, the Theragun Prime is a percussive therapy device, designed to massage your muscles by rapidly applying pressure to your body up to 40 times per second. It claims to get 60 percent deeper into your muscles than other massagers, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, muscle tension, and working out any knots that have developed.


4. Arlo video doorbell

The Arlo Video Doorbell is designed to capture what traditional video doorbells can’t. See a person from head to toe or a package on the ground with a 180° diagonal viewing angle, optimized for the front door. Even see clearly in low light with night vision. Speak to visitors with two-way audio or use pre-recorded quick reply messages when you’re busy. Arlo Video Doorbell uses your existing doorbell wiring for continuous power. A smarter way to see who’s at your door. Get notifications when motion is detected and view live video on your phone.  Its standout feature makes this doorbell smart telling the difference between people, animals, vehicles, and packages, and only sending you the notifications you want means you don’t get an alert every time a strong breeze sends a plastic bag down the street.


5. Sony FX3 Camera

Sony’s FX3 is the smallest, cheapest cinema camera the company has ever made. It’s built for filmmakers, rather than photographers, so it can handle recording ultra HD video at 120fps for long periods. Sony’s FX3 Cinema Line camera brings the visions of passionate content creators to life. Cinematic expression is matched with reliable performance and streamlined operation to serve the needs of today’s creative community. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to carry and handle. It comes bundled with a handle that’s ideal for shooting from low angles and it adds extra sockets for plugging in different audio inputs. There’s also in-body image stabilization for when you’re “running and gunning”. All the features make this camera distinct from other cameras.


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